Will Invisalign help with my overbite?

Invisalign Norwalk CT

An overbite can occur due to teeth overcrowding that results in front teeth protruding; thumb-sucking that literally pushes teeth out of position; or genetics where you inherit a characteristic that results in an overbite. Whatever the reason, a consultation with your Invisalign dentist will outline what is needed to correct your malocclusion.

If the overbite is due to overcrowding, the extraction of one or more teeth may be needed. In some cases, this may involve third molars (wisdom teeth). Teeth extraction and healing will be completed before the teeth straightening process commences.

For teeth straightening to begin your cosmetic dentist will forward the tools needed for the Invisalign lab to fabricate a series of aligners that will be used to shift teeth to correct the malocclusion … the process may take months or longer. But you won’t mind because the Invisalign teeth straightening method involves aligners that are clear, convenient, comfortable, and removable.

Aligners are updated by the patient every two weeks. As each aligner is replaced, teeth are being shifted to their correct placement. Trips to see the dentist for wire manipulation are not needed.

Invisalign aligners are clear making them a popular choice for teens and adults to correct an overbite. And they are comfortable. Since no metal is used, there is nothing to poke or abrade soft oral tissues.

Another popular feature is that these braces are removable. The patient can continue to eat all the foods they prefer. Simply remove the aligners for snacks and meals and replace when done. In addition to eating favorite foods, the patient can remove aligners to complete daily oral tasks of brushing and flossing without cumbersome braces; replace aligners when done.

The patient needs to wear Invisalign aligners a minimum of twenty to twenty-two hours every day to complete treatment in the designated timeframe. Once teeth straightening has been achieved a retainer will be provided. The retainer is designed to allow the bones that hold teeth in place to develop a memory of their new placement. Failure to wear the retainer as prescribed may result in teeth shifting back to their original location.

Your cosmetic dentist will have helped you achieve a smile makeover eliminating your overbite … you can maintain your new smile and great dental health by daily brushing and flossing; and see your dentist every six months for cleaning and exam. Contact our team at Norwalk Dental Care to schedule an exam today!