Tooth Restorations: How Dental Crowns Can Help

Dental crowns have been around for a very long time; their uses have eclipsed just fixing broken teeth. While their applications have increased dramatically, so have the materials used to fabricate them. While metal and gold are still available, many dental crowns are now made from porcelain to provide a much better aesthetic outcome.

Crown Applications

Repair and restore a broken tooth – Saving your tooth is the goal for having a crown placed. Your dentist will modify the damaged tooth so it may be capped. The crown will be made to match surrounding teeth in size, shape, and shade making the restoration blend naturally with neighboring dentition. dental crowns Norwalk

Seal tooth following endodontic therapy – If a root canal is needed to prevent extraction, the opening made by the drill must be sealed to complete treatment. A dental crown is one way used to serve this purpose.

Abutment for a dental prosthesis – A fixed bridge is a beautiful way to restore lost teeth; crowning abutment teeth allows your dentist to make a bridge that will fit securely and look great.

Cover a dental implant – If you have lost one or more teeth, your dentist may recommend a dental implant to provide you with a most natural tooth replacement option. Once the implant has been placed and healing has occurred, the implant is completed by placing a crown over it providing a permanent tooth replacement that is functional and aesthetically beautiful.

Finally, if a tooth has been weakened due to decay; or if a cavity is present in a previously treated tooth, a crown may be suggested.

Caring for a Crowned Tooth

While there is nothing special needed to care for dental crowns, once the temporary has been removed and the permanent crown has been cemented in place, you may be advised to avoid chewy or sticky foods to allow the crown to thoroughly seat.

You will brush and floss daily as usual (your dentist will demonstrate the best way to floss around your newly crowned tooth). Of course, you will continue to visit your dentist for teeth cleaning and dental exam every six months.

You can expect dental crowns to last for many years – some even for a lifetime. Call our team at Norwalk Dental Care today to schedule a consultation.