Always a good experience.

Alan H

Always a very good experience. I had my teeth whitened and they look great!! Appointment reminders, scheduling, staff,etc superior.

Edward L.

Unlike previous dentists and hygienists I have worked with the service here is top notch. I can appreciate a team that can work efficiently to ensure my needs are met. Quality work even if I just found out I have a cavity!

Mike D.

Easy appointment, very friendly staff, great doctor...overall excellent experience....!!!

Dinesh P.

This is a followup to my email. I want you to know how much I appreciated the care you gave me when my crown split. You saved me hundreds of dollars at a time when every dollar counts. Your team, by the way, is also wonderful. Their cheerful presence makes coming to your office almost fun.

Sherri R.

Thank you so much for your most thorough care when I visited your office. You and Suzanne, your hygienist, and also your lovely receptionist made me feel so cared for and safe in all your most capable hands. I'm so happy to have found a dentist who understands and cares for the special needs of a phobic patient such as me. I'm sending you a video clip from ABC news about fluoride that I thought you and your staff might find interesting. Thanks again for your care and concern.

Bertilla B.T.

Great Dental Experience!. The reason that I have been going to Norwalk Dental Care for over twenty years is that they provide high quality work in a low pressure, calming environment. I just always feel so comfortable andrelaxed.

Pam R