Porcelain Veneers: Affordable Luxury

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Cosmetic dentistry is readily available making many procedures once considered out of reach a much more affordable luxury. Porcelain veneers is a minimally invasive procedure that can treat many dental maladies making veneers a very popular cosmetic enhancement.

Stained or discolored teeth can ruin your smile. Teeth can be stained for many reasons, such as medications, illness, neglect, lifestyle habits like tobacco use, many foods and beverages can discolor teeth … the list goes on. You may have tried toothpastes, rinses, or whitening to no avail. Veneers are a fabulous option.

Unwanted gaps between teeth could take years to correct with other treatment options. With veneers, those spaces will seem to disappear overnight.

Misshapen or uneven teeth can appear symmetrical; chipped enamel can be covered making teeth look whole again.

Your dentist will work with you to determine the best way to enhance your smile. Veneers can be applied to one or numerous teeth. Teeth to be treated will have a small amount of enamel removed so when veneers are cemented in place, treated teeth will be even with those left untreated.

Dental impressions are taken and tooth color is matched. The dental lab will fabricate the thin, tooth colored shells designed to be cemented to the front of teeth that have been prepared. The lab takes about two weeks to make veneers.

Your dentist will try in veneers for fit and aesthetics. Small adjustments can be made chairside. The final step involves permanently cementing veneers in place. Your smile makeover will be complete … a few instructions will likely be given.

Even though porcelain is stain resistant, the rest of your teeth are not. Make sure you clean your teeth thoroughly daily so your teeth color remains even. Your dentist will have matched your veneers to your natural teeth. If teeth are to be whitened, do so before veneers are prepped.

Teeth treated with veneers are strong, just remember veneers are not invincible. Do not use your teeth to open packages, bite your nails or chomp into hard or chewy foods with veneer treated teeth. A broken or chipped veneer is usually not repairable; it must be replaced.

Veneers are a permanent solution that can enhance your appearance; take great care of them with daily oral care and visit your dentist every six months for cleaning and exam.

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