Eliminate Tough Dental Stains With Teeth Whitening

cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening NorwalkCosmetic dentistry is a term that includes multiple dental enhancements. Teeth whitening is one of them that is both economical and readily available. And can have a huge impact on the appearance of someone suffering from dental stain and/or discolored dentition.

The teeth whitening products available through your dental provider have the ability to bleach away tough dental stains as they contain powerful whitening agents. Over the counter teeth whitening kits, pastes, gels, strips, and rinses are no match for what your cosmetic dentist can do for you.

Zoom! teeth whitening is one option. Your dentist will likely recommend having your teeth cleaned to remove plaque. A dental exam will allow the patient to ask questions and make sure you are a good candidate for teeth whitening.

At your teeth whitening appointment, your dental technician will protect gums from the whitening gel; the gel will be applied to exposed teeth; and a curing light or laser will be used to expedite whitening. Your teeth can be lightened up to eight shades in this one brief appointment.

For patients wishing to whiten at home, Zoom offers an at-home program where you can anticipate similar results with correct use in about one week. Touch up kits are available, as needed.

When deep intrinsic stain is apparent, KOR deep bleaching may be the recommended treatment option. KOR is an innovative intervention that helps teeth absorb oxygen. This allows bleaching elements to reach the depths of the tooth to release stain. KOR is safe for all ages.

If sensitivity is a concern, KOR contains an element that treats the tubuals where teeth whitening can produce that zinging sensation.

Whichever teeth whitening program is selected, the patient can achieve magnificent results. A few tips that may help keep teeth looking their best include:

Do not smoke or use tobacco in any form. Smoking discolors teeth.

Know what foods and beverages stain enamel. Either plan to brush or rinse as soon as possible following consumption.

When drinking cold beverages known to stain (coffee, tea, wine, cola) use a straw. This allows much of the beverage to bypass teeth, but do not attempt to drink hot liquids through a straw.

Brush and floss daily; visit your dentist every six months for cleaning and dental exam to keep your teeth looking their best and to maintain great dental health.

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